How to Use Livestorm to Improve Virtual Event Engagement & Quality of Conversations In 2023


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LIVESTORM is a virtual event platform that is used for online meetings. It is a meeting software that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and it has the capability to record and distribute live events.

5 Powerful Ways You Can Use LIVESTORM Today:

LIVESTORM is a powerful and easy-to-use live streaming software that enables you to create content for virtual meetings, webinars, events, and automated webinars.

  • Virtual Meetings: LIVE STORM is an excellent tool for virtual meetings. You can use it to broadcast presentations or any other type of content.
  • Webinars: LIVE-STORM has been used by many companies as a platform for webinars. It provides the ability to record the event and offers a wide range of options when it comes to broadcasting the event.
  • Virtual Events: If you are organizing a conference or an event, LIVES-TORM can be used as your go-to solution for live streaming the event with all kinds of video options including 360 videos.
  • Automated Webinars: LIVESTORM provides an awesome way to deliver automated webinar content and is perfect for any company looking to automate its marketing efforts in order.
  • On-Demand Webinars: On-demand webinars are recorded webinars that can be watched at any time. They are a great way to learn about a topic or product and can be especially helpful if you can’t attend a live webinar. livestorm offers a variety of on-demand webinars covering topics such as marketing, sales, and customer success.

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livestorm has the following products:

LiveStorm offers a complete suite of online tools to help businesses with:

Their product demos are a great way to showcase your products or services to potential customers. Additionally, their online courses make it easy to train employees on new procedures or protocols. Finally, their live events feature is perfect for company communication or customer training.

product demo

Livestorm is the perfect platform for employee onboarding. With it, you can create an onboarding experience that is tailored to your specific needs and that will get your new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently.

livestorm employee onboarding

The best feature of LIVESTORM is company communication. It allows employees to easily communicate with each other and share files and information. It is a great tool for companies looking to improve communication and collaboration, making it perfect for any business.

How To Manage Your Events, and webinars with livestorm:

  1. organize, the event with the following features to deliver engaging content to your audience :
  • browser-based: so you can use it on any device.
  • RTMP ingestion: for streaming to Livestorm or other platforms.
  • versatile and can be used for one-time events.
  • recurring events.
  • unlimited replays: so you can review your content later or share it with others.

2. Invite, LiveStorm has some great features for inviting people to join your webinar or event.

  • Email cadences: make it easy to set up a sequence of reminders.
  • custom branding and registration pages: let you create a branded experience.
  • One-click invite: it is easy to invite people without having to go through a registration process.
  • registration widget: allows you to embed a sign-up form on your website.

3. engaging: livestorm engaging features have all you need.

  • Customized live experience.
  • breakout rooms: to keep your audience engaged.
  • virtual backgrounds: to add interest and flair.
  • question & answer feature
  • analyze: your contacts and get feedback.

4. Analytics tools: One of the platform’s most unique and useful features.

  • Livestorm’s contact profiles: allow users to see detailed information about their contacts.
  • CRM integrations: allow users to seamlessly connect their Livestorm account with their CRM account.
  • Automatically sync their contacts and communication data: track their progress.
  • participation report.
  • shadowing feature: allows users to see what another user is doing.

livestorm ratings:

Overall, I would give Livestorm a 4.7 out of 5. It’s easy to use, with great customer service. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good way to stay organized and connected.

livestorm ratings

Pros & Cons Of Livestorm:


  • easy to use.
  • easy to integrate with a lot of apps.
  • Quick customer support.
  • doesn’t require users to download any software.
  • easily customize your webinars & host weekly events.
  • customize the email notifications.
  • The ease of interacting with the audience such as polls, Q&A, and chat.
  • Easy registration page and managing attendees.


  • Sometimes hard to retrieve the data (survey mostly).
  • some of the trackings get lost on custom emails.
  • It would be great to include the recording after a webinar directly in the email sequence.
  • The limited number of streams on the webinar was a hindrance.
  • The user is forced to do an external survey which loses 100% of the user tracking data making the follow-up very weak.


There are four LiveStorm pricing plans:

free plan

  • $0
  • 30 contacts/m
  • 30 live attendees
  • 20 min/session

pro plan

  • $110/month
  • 500 contacts/mo
  • 4 hours/session
  • 500 live attendees


  • Get a quote
  • Unlimited contacts 
  • 4 hours/session
  • 3,000 live attendees


  • Get a quote
  • Unlimited active contacts
  • 12 hours/session
  • 3,000 live attendees
livestorm pricing plans


In conclusion, LiveStorm offers four pricing plans: free, pro, business, and enterprise. Each plan has different features and benefits, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. It also offers a variety of products, including virtual meetings, webinars, virtual events, and on-demand webinars. So whatever your needs, LiveStorm has a solution for you.

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